Build Confidence + Self-Esteem

Do you feel like low confidence and self-esteem are ruining your life and creating missed opportiunities?

Many of the people who find me feel like low self-esteem is preventing them from dating, getting career advancements, or from trying new things.

If this is you — there is good news. Through counseling, you can regain confidence in yourself and your abilities. You can also develop lasting self-esteem that will positively impact your life.

We all need support sometimes, and this is no different. You need an advocate who can see your strengths and gifts, especially when you can’t.

Together, we can get to the root of your percieved weaknesses and help you reclaim your power.

Low self-esteem has been found to contribute to:




Abusiveness Toward Others

Being involved in abusive/unhealthy romantic relationships

Drug and alcohol problems

Eating disorders and unhealthy eating

Poor performance and achievement

Social problems

What is the difference between confidence and self-esteem?

Confidence and self-esteem are often lumped together or seen as the same thing, but there are some key differences. While both are important, the real work starts with building self-esteem. I explain how they are connected and also how they are different below.


Confidence is when you are comfortable with your abilities, trying new things, meeting new people or accomplishing a specific task. You trust that you are capable and competent in handling the day-to-day situations that life presents. You feel adequate in your dealings with others, and you are not self-conscious in public.


Self-esteem, on the other hand, goes much deeper. It has to do with how your value yourself and your worth as a person. It comes down to the level at which you are able to love and accept yourself. It is not tied to any external factors and does not fluctuate based on achievements or skill.

Self-esteem is the foundation for real self-confidence.

Our work together will focus on developing true, genuine self-esteem.

This is the kind of self-esteem that is not:

  • Dependent on outer achievements or recognition
  • Dependent on appearances

It is a lasting, inherent sense of self-worth. A person with true self-esteem radiates self-love and self-confidence

What it means for you:

  • You can wake up feeling confident about your ability to tackle the day, knowing that there is nothing you can’t handle.
  • You can learn to love what you see when you look in the mirror.
  • You can learn how to set boundaries and assert yourself, without feeling guilty or afraid.
  • You can discover what it’s like to love and accept yourself completely.

People with good self-esteem tend to take better care of themselves; physically, mentally, and emotionally. They also tend to be more expressive and trusting of others.

Doing your inner work has a far-reaching ripple effect, and it is an investment in yourself that is 100% worth the effort.

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