Mindfulness Training

What Is Mindfulness?

The idea of mindfulness is to be open to feeling your feelings; the full range of them. When you struggle against what is, you suffer.

Mindfulness is about acceptance at the deepest level.

Even if you are not able to come to full acceptance of something, you can at least learn to tolerate difficult feelings and emotions better. Thus, you will suffer less and you will struggle less against unwanted reactions to events outside of your control.

Why practice mindfulness?

Here are the benefits:

  • Less stress (who doesn’t want that?!)
  • More enjoyment of life
  • Clear values and goals
  • More self-acceptance and greater self-esteem
  • Better relationships with others
  • Greater workplace performance and satisfaction
  • Help with addictions and compulsions

How it works

I combine components from yoga psychology and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to make mindfulness accessible to people of all backgrounds. Mindfulness is not just about meditation. It is about living life with awareness and intention.

It’s about paying attention to inner sensations, thoughts, and feelings without judgement.

In order to live a mindful life, you must be clear on your values. If you don’t know what your real values are, then how can you live by them?

Together, we’ll get clear on your values. We will use these values to set goals that are meaningful to you. Then, we will use mindfulness strategies to help you achieve these goals day by day.

You’ll get:

  • Values assessments and worksheets
  • Simple steps to develop your own mindfulness practice at home
  • Guided meditations together in session
  • Easy-to-implement exercises for balancing your nervous system, including some mindful movement and breathing practices

No matter who you are, it is possible to learn how to live more fully in the present moment and experience contentment.

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